How to Tell If a Guy Is Confused About His Feelings About You - Know This As Early As Possible

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How to Tell If a Guy Is Confused About His Feelings About You - Know This As Early As Possible

Women are known for being more certain about their emotions when compared with men. A man may want to be with a woman yet not completely love her. He may spend years with her without actually committing. So, how can you tell if he’s really confused about his feelings for you?

You will sense his insecurity.

This man will act with nervousness around you. He would never know how to react properly because he doesn’t know what you like or he’s too busy thinking of ways to impress you. He will also appear restless or preoccupied and this is mainly because he is experiencing a flood of emotions in him.

He’ll always has questions to ask you when it comes to relationships.

This guy will keep asking you about your relationship in general and what your feelings are for him. He will also be asking a lot about your future as a couple. When he does these things, it’s because he’s uncertain about his feelings and he’ll probably be basing his future decisions on your answers to these questions.

He will always have suspicions.

Your guy would never relax around you because he is confused about his feelings. He will be afraid of you asking him to commit and he’ll also be suspicious of things that you do or say.

Sometimes he is passionate and sometimes he’s as emotionless as a rock.

This guy will behave oddly when he’s with you. He may act like you mean the world to him one time and then the next thing you know, he’s just about ready to let go! Since he’s unsure of his feelings, he will have a hard time showing you just one sincere emotion.

The tests will come.

If he’s unsure of his feelings, there are moments when he’ll blame you and even try to test your love for him. A series of tests only shows how much he still doesn’t trust you. If a guy keeps doing this to you, then it’s time that you speak with him and be honest about how you don’t like the way he’s been treating you.

He’ll want to cool off.

There would come a time that this guy would request for a time away from you. He needs this moment to evaluate his feelings for you. And because he’s confused with his feelings, this guy won’t be able to commit to you in any way.

He won’t be completely honest with you.

He may say one thing yet completely mean another. A man who is confused will cover up his confusion and in the process, he will have lapses that you would easily notice.

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