How to Make a Guy Choose You Over Other Women? Here Is How You Can Make Yourself More Unique

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How to Make a Guy Choose You Over Other Women? Here Is How You Can Make Yourself More Unique

If you feel like you are just one in the bunch and have no hope of attracting him, then you should do something that makes you stand out from the rest of the women. There are plenty of ways in which you can interest him and make him choose you! Here are some super ways in which you can become the obvious choice!

Don’t be too obvious in your chase
Its okay to like him and long for him but if you are too obvious in chasing him, it could make him think that you are too easy and available and that could go against you. Instead make him know that you think he is attractive but you have still not make up your mind about him. Let him do all the chasing. Don’t join the gang and pursue him.

Show him that you are definitely a cut above
Let the other women do whatever it is they are doing. Your job is to make him see that you have much more class, elegance, poise and panache! Once he sees this, it is obvious that he will find you a hundred times more attractive than the other women. He will want you for himself soon.

Let him see that he will lose out if he does not choose you
Don’t let him see that you are desperate for him to choose you. Instead let him see a cool and confident woman who knows who she is and is convinced that the man who does not choose her is surely going to be a loser! This self confidence and positive attitude will make him be eager to choose you.

Show him that you are a better person
Be on your guard and make sure that you project an image of a woman who is worth knowing and dating. Be kind, courteous, friendly and compassionate. Be a good friend and person who will automatically draw him to you with the least resistance. If you show him that you are miles better than the others - he will choose you without any hesitation.

Dress and look better than the rest
Of course dress and looks are important. You are eye candy and if he is not attracted to your looks and body your chances of being chosen by him over the rest are slim. Make sure you look and dress better than the others and look sexy enough to make him crave you.

Make all the other men around notice and crave you
You can be sure of one thing - if his friends begin to notice you and crave you they are sure to comment and compliment you all the time. This will make him aware of how popular you are and he will want you more than ever. A little bit of competition will make him take a positive step towards you.

Be charming and friendly
Nothing can convince him more than being of good character. If you are charming, friendly and make him relax and enjoy your company, you have a good chance of proving to him that you are the best one for him. If he is uncomfortable in your company he will hate to think of spending any time with you.

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