Why Do Guys Become Suddenly Not Interested? The Top Reasons Why They Would Just Run Away!

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Why Do Guys Become Suddenly Not Interested? The Top Reasons Why They Would Just Run Away!

Men are famous for their polygamous nature. This is why, when they start showing signs of boredom in the relationship, women automatically think that the guy is already having an affair. But, in reality, there could be a million reasons why a guy would suddenly become disinterested in you.

The guy felt taken for granted.

It’s highly possible that the man felt unimportant when you were together. Perhaps you were busy making your career flourish but at the expense of your budding relationship!

Your sex life made him yawn.

A lot of relationships come to a sudden halt all because both partners are no longer interested in the way they make love. Perhaps they keep doing the exact same positions and now it’s nothing but a chore that they have to perform twice a week!

He felt that he was having a relationship with a stranger.

This means that he expected too much from a lady of your caliber. And when he finally got you, he suddenly realized that you’re notches lower than what he expected.

Your controlling behavior scared him.

A lot of women take control of their men as the relationship progresses and they don’t even bother to hide it! Men resent the fact that they are being driven around so he’ll detest that you turned out to be nothing but a taskmaster.

He’s no longer intellectually stimulated.

You may still be the most beautiful girl there is but if you fail to impress him with your intelligence, then there’s no way that you’d get to keep this man. If you’re not well-read, if you think that dongle is non-existent word, then think again! You’d probably just make a fool of yourself in front of an intelligent guy.

You began to look like your grandma.

More often than not, as a woman gets busy, she also tends to be lax on the way she dresses up. There may be times when you completely forget to dress up for your man and so he’d think that he’s no longer important to you.

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