How to Make a Man Chase You After You’ve Had Sex With Him? Follow These Tips Right Away

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How to Make a Man Chase You After You’ve Had Sex With Him? Follow These Tips Right Away

Most women would simply say "Oops…" the moment they wake up on the day following the fateful lustful night. Some of them would just totally give up on ever establishing a relationship with the man. But what if you were really interested in the guy? What if you want more than just sleeping with him? What then?

Let the past deed be the last…for now.

So you’ve slept with him…you can’t do anything to take that back. All you can do now is to move forward. Just think that there’s no longer any need to see proof that he was at least attracted to you because he already had sex with you!

What happened in bed?

What happened during your lovemaking will make a huge difference on what he would tell you the following day. If you conveyed your passion for the man during those minutes or hours, then it would be easy for you to bridge the awkwardness and start reaching out to him once more. If he didn’t even enjoy it…well.

Stage a quiet exit.

Don’t hang out the day after you’ve gone to bed with him. What you need to do now is to make a quiet and graceful exit. If you’ve exchanged numbers the night before, then it’s up to him to get in touch with you. You don’t even have to wait for him to wake up anymore.

Let him be the one to reach out.

Whatever happens, and however you feel, you shouldn’t attempt to get in touch with the man. Let the next step come from him. If he really wants you in his arms once again, he’d surely be the one to call or email you so just wait.

Go on with your daily life.

It would be pathetic to spend the following days locked up in your room. Why would you do that, right? Just go on living and if he’d call, the answering machine would be there to take your call from him! Let him feel that you won’t sit around all day waiting for him to get in touch with you.

Show your sexiness and intelligence.

While you’re doing the deed and you suddenly had the "Oops" thought, it’s time to proceed to your next move. Make him realize how sexy you are. And if you ever get the chance to talk with him the day after, show him that you are an intelligent and smart woman. And whatever happens…

Don’t make mention of the past night.

This is what any guy would want to see in a girl. She has to be mature enough to accept what happened and to be smart enough to move on and see if things would develop. Dwelling in the past is simply not a great idea if you want to chase this man.

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