When He Stands You Up - How to Handle This Dating Dilemma

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When He Stands You Up - How to Handle This Dating Dilemma

When he stands you up what’s the best thing to do? That’s one of the most common dating questions there is. Sadly, most of us have had to deal with this at some point. We’re breathlessly waiting to see our guy and he never shows. No call, no apology, nothing. The next time we see him he flippantly says he lost track of time or something came up and he expects us to forgive and forget. Most of us can until it happens again. Is there a wrong way or a right way to handle a man when this happens? There actually is something you should be doing if you’ve been stood up to ensure it never happens again.

Tracking him down when he stands you up is never the right approach to take. The reason is really simple. Men stand up women because they can. They know which women will put up with that type of disrespectful behavior so they do it. It’s no more complicated than that. If you’ve been stood up and you’ve explained how it make you feel to your guy you may believe that he understands that it’s not acceptable to you. Don’t be surprised if he stands you up again. Words can’t ring as clear as actions in a case like this.

The very best thing you can possibly do if a guy stands you up is ignore him. Do not try and contact him in any way. Do not take his calls and do not answer your door. You have to let a couple of days pass before you talk to him again. Once you do, you treat him completely like a friend. Be friendly, polite and distant.

For those women who prefer step-by-step instructions, here they are:

1.) Let him call you. After a day or two has passed since he stood you up, answer his call. If he apologizes for standing you up, brush it off. Tell him you made other plans during that time. End the call first. Tell him to have a good day as you do.

2.) Don’t go out with him again for the next week. If he asks you out again, politely say you have plans. Don’t tell him your reluctance to see him is because you were stood up. Just be busy.

3.) Never wait more than 30 minutes for him again. When you do decide to spend time with him again, if he’s ever more than 30 minutes late again, make other plans. Just leave and let him see that you’re not the waiting type.

If you follow these steps, it won’t take long before he realizes that you’re not about to put your life on hold waiting for him. When a man stands you up it’s completely up to you to show him, not tell him, that’s not acceptable behavior.

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